Trappstädning Stockholm

The specialists at Städfirma Falk Stockholm use only the industry’s most advanced Trappstädning Stockholm, the most powerful equipment, and the most effective solutions. These units provide second to none cleaning techniques to remove ground-in soil, revive your trappstädning appearance and to extend the life of your Stairways & tiles. The choice of a proper cleaning system is […]

Storstädning Stockholm

Städfirma Falk Stockholm is a family owned and operated cleaning business providing friendly domestic home cleaning services to residential clients in all Stockholm areas. We are able to provide a personal Störstädning Stockholm cleaning service tailored to the exact needs of each individual client at a convenient for them time. At Städfirma Falk Stockholm, we understand that some […]

Hemstädning Stockholm

Many people do not clean their homes on a regular basis. They always think that they will do so on the “next” day off, but it doesn’t happen… Some people are so busy that they never have time to do a thorough Hemstädning Stockholm on their own. Städfirma Falk Stockholm can help everyone who wants to have […]

Flyttstädning Stockholm

One of the clauses in almost all tenancy agreements requires the tenants to have the rented property professionally cleaned at the end of their tenancy. Some people prefer to do the cleaning on their own, but they always realize how difficult and time-consuming it might be. Smart people prefer to hire a professional Städfirma to do […]