Hemstädning Stockholm

Deep house cleaning services in LondonMany people do not clean their homes on a regular basis. They always think that they will do so on the “next” day off, but it doesn’t happen… Some people are so busy that they never have time to do a thorough Hemstädning Stockholm on their own. Städfirma Falk Stockholm can help everyone who wants to have a hemstädning Stockholm of their flat or house.

Even though a lot of people have regular cleaners, they still need their homes deeply cleaned once in a while. Domestic cleaners maintain homes relatively clean, but in many cases they either do not pay attention to the smallest details or do not have enough time to clean absolutely everything in one’s property. Do you know that there is a lot more to do than what a regular cleaner does? Städfirma Falk Stockholm offers you a thorough deep Hemstädning and flat städning Stockholm which will be performed by a team of professional cleaners.

Our hemstädning Stockholm service is a thorough clean of the whole property and is very similar to the flyttstädning cleaning service. The difference is that is it charged per labour hour. In general, it is more difficult and time-consuming to clean occupied properties than premises which are empty of personal belongings. However, our operatives will clean all wooden, glass and tiled surfaces, appliances, skirting boards, radiators, bathrooms, showers, toilets, sinks, doors, interior of windows and windows frames if sufficient time if booked. They will also clean the interior of all cupboards, drawers and fridge-freezer at your request. If you would like to have your carpets, upholstered items, curtains or mattresses professionally steam cleaned, we can include these services to your hemstädning Stockholm cleaning at an additional charge.

Flat cleaners in LondonAll price and time estimates for hemstädning given by e-mail or over the phone are approximate and are based on our experience and clients’ requirements. Even though we aim to provide as accurate quotes as possible, the actual clean might take less time or a little longer than originally estimated. The client is charged for the exact amount of time worked and not a penny more.

It is good to have your property thoroughly cleaned from time to time. There are so many reasons why you should do so. The most important motive for a deep flat and hemstädning in Stockholm is to ensure the health and safety of your family and yourself. There is also an aesthetic reason. A really deep cleaning of your home will make it look like The cleanliness and the beauty of your house will make your guests envy you.

If you would like to book a hemstädning Stockholm of your property, call us on 08990959. You can also contact Städfirma Falk Stockholm by filling in the online enquiry form or via e-mail to info@stadfirmafalk.se